Easy Carpet Care for Minor Stains

The team at Steam Butler Carpet Care is here for you when you need carpeting cleaning, blinds or drapery cleaning, but here are some easy, DIY carpeting cleaning tips for you to consider in-between we are here for you.

1) For Dirt Marks

If you have accidentally tracked wet mud on your carpet, it is best to treat it immediately. Mix a spoon of baking soda, 2 spoons of vinegar and 250 ml of water into a spray bottle. Mix the contents together and spray on the stain. Use a towel to lightly scrub the mug away.

2) For Spot Cleaning Small Spills

The best way to avoid stains or odours to form from spills on your carpet, be sure to always use a towel to blot the wet area. This will allow as much of the liquid to be absorbed in the towel. Avoid rubbing whenever possible to help prevent staining.

3) For Making Your Carpet Smell Fresh

Professional carpet cleaning is still one of the best ways to fully remove carpet odours but for in-between your carpet cleaning needs, lightly sprinkle baking soda on your carpets and vacuum the area after 15 minutes.

We hope our tips from the Steam Butler Carpet Care team helps you! For bigger stains and your annual carpet cleaning, blind cleaning, or tile or grout cleaning needs, please contact us for a free quote.

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